Education Practice: As Important an Issue as Climate Change

Posted by Tracey Langa

Nowadays, technology has become a key driver for education delivery, where the phase of the Internet-enabled collaboration provides a vision of what was once not possible. As we see this vision taking shape in the present, the Internet enables collaboration, breaks down geographical barriers across the globe and provides access to information anywhere, anytime. In the same way that the world is experiencing climate change, education is seemingly experiencing the same fate. If climate change is not addressed today, we will continue on a disastrous path. In essence, we have to continuously improve our education practices to keep it relevant worth the financial value that we place on it. As the world becomes more globalized, technological changes accelerate, innovation and creativity increases, the need for improved teaching and learning has become mission-critical.


As a result, new types of learning are introduced. Whereas in the past, learning was competitive, coercive, and paternalistic, the new ethic of learning is collaborative, global, and universal. It is collaborative in that learners need to work with each other building strong learning. It is global in the sense that every society has contribution to make and a responsibility to each other. And it is universal because every part of the society must invest in learning and participate.

To counter the effects on negative educational changes, institutions have made heavy investments in technologies such as learning management systems which enables online learning to be embedded in the curriculum. On the other hand, Blended learning – the combination of face-to-face learning and online learning is playing a vital role on Institutions. U.S. Secretary of Education, has said, “Blended learning is playing a vital role, as school opera- tors begin to rethink the structure and delivery of education…it is the new normal.” (Staker, 2011).

Posted by Tracey Langa


8 responses on "Education Practice: As Important an Issue as Climate Change"

  1. I like the metaphor you use of climate. however do you view the education problem to be as huge as the climate change crisis? I ask this because, i feel there is not much we can do to stop climate change, on the other hand we are still much in control of the education system.

    • Thank you Martha. To try and respond on your question. I think if we do not consider the education problem as major as climate change, we will be putting the future of the next generation at stake. I agree with you, though the climate crisis can not be changed completely whereas the education system can be slowly changed. This means the education system is the central weapon to assist in these unavoidable and overchanging crisis of climate change. Please try to read this article which I think it also answers your question:
      Barry, J (2011) ‘Education and Climate Change: Living and Learning in Interesting Times’, Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review, Vol. 12, Spring, pp. 144-146

  2. Great take @traceyTracey. The US Secretary of State says Blended Learning is the “new normal”. Do you dis/agree that it is the new normal around the world?

    • I particularly, I agree that Blended Learning is a new norm. If you can check institutions nowadays, almost all of them use Blended Learning. This is now shifting to paperless education as you know of the changes that are currently taking place at the Gauteng province (SA).

  3. I agree that technology is a key element and that is what lead to online learning. Do you agree with the changes that are taking place – online learning and blended learning? Do you think the latter two mentioned is cost effective and students will be able to afford this type of learning? This is one of my concerns that the online courses of other institutions are so expensive.

  4. You mention, negative educational changes, can you give some examples of the negative changes?

  5. You used the word ‘creativity’ in your blog – in education and especially when using technology creativity plays an important role. We can no longer focus on the ‘old way’ (talk-and-chalk) of teaching/ educating.

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