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Research proved that Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) has the potential to offer valuable educational opportunities. MOOCs is providing a platform to change the education field. It provides access to courses/ information which many people would not have been able to afford.

There is a divided view on the future of MOOC’s. The one view is that due to factors like the high dropout rate of up to 90% and the high cost to develop and implement it, it will fade away. Other people belief that it can build a global community and make education more accessible to more people. The market growth in MOOCs courses is proof that there is a future for it in Higher Education.

My view is that MOOCs has an important role to play in Higher Education. There is a great need to deliver high quality, varied education, especially in schools. Companies and other training providers can also benefit tremendously by implementing MOOCs. It is another way to expand education and make it more accessible. It can be used as a method of in-service training in the workplace. Through MOOCs scholars can be prepared for university or they can use it as a resource for their school projects.

To support and strengthen the development of MOOC’s issues like cost and quality education have to be addressed. Government should look at subsidising and/ or sponsoring courses. Companies should invest in the model to the advantage of their employees. The fact that the dropout rate for these courses are so high is proof that more experimenting in the teaching and learning side of MOOC’s are needed.

MOOCs can never replace the facilitator/ educator but is can be a supplement and be beneficial not only for Higher Education in South Africa but also for the workplace and the school. The digital revolution is forcing Higher Education and other training institutions to look more closely at MOOCs an as option.

Posted by Wilma De Villiers The future of MOOC’s, Motivation, Modes & Monetization

August 8, 2015


  1. Thanks again @wilma, “My view is that MOOCs has an important role to play in Higher Education”. What role to think MOOCs will play in Higher Education?

  2. Nice. Wilma, looking at MOOCs as a supplement, do you foresee the current cohort of lecturers taking up the challenge? I have experience of lecturers being resistant to any form of change that requires them to learn new skills…

  3. I looked at one of the links you shared, and I want to know what is your feeling on MOOCs monetization? Is that a good/bad idea for MOOC implementation going forward?

  4. Many people are resistant to change. My opinion is that it is mainly people (like myself!) that have been in education for many years. One of the reasons is that we did not ‘grow up’ with technology and therefore sometimes want to ‘avoid’ is. Another possibility is that people are not open to try out new ideas. Once they realize the value of MOOC’s, especially incorporating it in current training there will be less of a resistance.

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